We guard & grow the love you have for art

With Artfundi, a new age of cutting-edge software is at your disposal. An online system tailored to bring true joy to your work. And enable your art business and passion to thrive. For the art of it.

Our Story

Artfundi was born out of passion and necessity.

Founder Tamzin Lovell-Miller became a gallery owner in 2010 after years in consulting and corporate research. Although the new business venture brought enough joy to never call it ‘work’ again, it also came with some challenges.

Admin and inventory issues demanded a solution to take the pain out of everday activities and improve the gallery's workflow.

The Artfundi software saved the gallery an incredible amount of time & money as well accelerated the success rate of the business. In 2018, Artfundi widened its reach to share the efficient convenience of the software solution with the rest of the art world.

Today, Tamzin and her multi-talented team have successfully put galleries, collectors and artists in touch with the business side of their art.

Our Manifesto

“I knew I had found my perfect place in the world after realising the software I created, which had significantly improved my art business, could make a difference in the world, by enabling so many others. Turning passion into profit, joy into success and making art more accessible to more people, more of the time.”
- Tamzin Lovell-Miller
You know why it grabbed you that very first time. Fluent strokes, demanding structure, spectacular detail. Every day, in so many ways, art induces intrigue of the most extraordinary levels. We blend control, simplicity and success into those raw expressions.


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