• CRM
  • Invoicing
  • 3 Users
  • Up to 3000 Artworks
  • Inventory Management
  • Instant PDF's & catalogues
  • Private viewings
    VIP sales tool



  • CRM
  • Invoicing
  • 5 Users
  • Up to 5000 Artworks
  • Inventory Management
  • Instant PDF's & catalogues
  • Private viewings
    VIP sales tool
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Curation &
    content tools


  • Smart Art & Artifact Tracking
  • Bespoke Software & Hardware
  • Real-Time Location Monitoring
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Dashboard, SMS & e-mail alerts
  • Approved Movement Management
  • Customized User Roles
  • ISO27001 protocols
  • Integrations customized
  • API’s via secure layer
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Technical Support & Maintenance

With Artfundi you have 24/7 access and control of the back- and front-end aspects of your gallery from anywhere in the world. If saving time, selling more art, building & managing your website, hosting viewing rooms, content marketing and efficiently managing your art business without the need of additional staff sounds like something for you, welcome to the Artfundi family.

“As we look back on our journey together and forward to our next adventures I have to say that your dedication and commitment to our shared goals, your consistent dedication to professionalism, and integrity has had a tremendous impact on our organization. We appreciate your confidence in our brand and the collaborative environment we continue to evolve. We are grateful for your support.”

-Salma Uche-Okeke


Is my data safe?

Yes, Artfundi has been designed to be amongst the safest certified art management software systems in the world.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

Yes, but you won't be charged within the 14 day free trial period, and you can cancel any time before the trial expires. No, if you are an Enterprise customer.

Can Artfundi integrate with my existing website/3rd party apps?

Integrations are possible within our Enterprise solution, these are highly secure integrations handled via security layer and within ISO27001 protocols.

Does my free trial limit my access to features?

When you sign up your first 14 day trial period will include only the features that make up the plan you signed up for. If you are still unsure which plan you need, book a demo, and we’ll help you.

Can Artfundi import my existing database?

Yes, we offer a range of bulk uploading services and can handle databases of any size, from any source. With any bulk import and export exercise, data preparation is required. We provide a template for you to do this, or we also offer a done-for-you service for a fee. Enquire for details.

Getting Started

How do I sign up?

It's easier than you think. Pick the relevant plan that suits your needs, check your mailbox to set your password and start your free trial. That's it! Stay in touch with any questions and access our Support Hub.

What training will I receive?

You will have access to an easy-to-understand Support Hub continuing step-by-step articles to help you master the Artfundi system. Most of our customers find this entirely sufficient to get themselves up and running in a matter of hours.

Are there any hidden costs or set up fees?

No, you only pay your monthly subscription fee as set out in the plans.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we have a dedicated Customer Success Department here to help you. We provide both Support Hub tutorials and user guides to help you succeed quickly, but we also provide comprehensive online support and/or telephonic assistance.

Account Queries

What if I'm not satisfied - can I cancel my account?

Yes, Artfundi is a subscription-based software. You pay as you use the system and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Contracts, SLA’s and licence agreements are applicable to Enterprise customers.

What if I have a query with my account?

Our Customer Success department is there to help you with any query.

Will I get billed automatically?

You will receive 14 days of free use before the first billing will be deducted from your account.

What if I change my mind about the package I've selected?

We will help you change it, you can also upgrade as you grow. If you can't find your answer here please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success liaison for any and all of your questions and queries.


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