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3 steps to activate your members through online art engagement

12 January 2022

3 steps to activate your members through online art engagement

If you have a members club, and you also have art, then you can activate your members using that art.

In this article I'll explain how to do it in a way that makes it easily to accomplish in very little time by anyone on your team!

What kind of members club? 

It will work for any kind of club from an exclusive private members club, to patrons & friends of a museum, to a business/ entrepreneurs club, to an art collectors club. Anywhere there is a community and a shared interest in art.

Members belong to a club for the environment, to meet like-minded people, for the exclusivity, and for what it adds to their life. Art can enhance all of those aspects, but many clubs, though they may have beautiful art on the walls, are not leveraging it to the benefit of their relationship with their members.

Here's how you can do that better:

1. Have the art digitised and beautifully photographed.

This will be necessary to share it online, and especially to reach those less active members you may not see regularly.

2. Have the database of digitised art linked seamlessly to a website or private viewing function

This allows you to easy curate selections at the click of a button. A software like Artfundi which comes with built-in websites is the easiest way to manage this.

3. Create a calendar that links to your mission

Decide how frequently you want to send out communication, and this may depend on how states or active your collection is.

Write down your brand values, what you would like your members to think about, and what you want them to do.

Look at the external calendar relating to your country, member group or industry, including public holidays, celebrations, and milestones. These make natural occasions to add to your communications calendar. Add to these your activities, like sponsored events, talks, dinners, etc.

You can pre-load a series of posts, shares, private viewings, online events, ahead of time and then publish to fit your schedule. This way you can plan the number of interactions and the themes or stories linking the art to what you're celebrating or highlighting.

You can use the activations in various ways. For example, a club with great history might use the art to tell stories of old members or different club eras, and they might send all new members an e-mail welcoming them, and sharing this online history-story exhibition as a lovely additional form of orientation.

A museum might celebrate its regular exhibition roster, with a special online insight into the artist or the behind-the-scenes story of the project. this can be done by sharing extra images or video that isn't on their public website yet.

A collectors club could showcase members' acquisitions, or enhance their knowledge of certain artists or art movements. They could even create NFT's as proof of membership, replacing the old 'card' with something cutting edge and relevant to their collection activity.

Artfundi makes all of this really easy with our all-in-one solution. Clients report enjoying high levels of engagement through their sites, bringing their art collections to life, and giving members extra ways to connect with them, while giving them a unique way to get their values, and stories across even with members who are at home. It contributes to better membership retention.

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Tamzin Lovell-Miller

CEO and Founder of Artfundi

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