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7 Tips to Create Great Email Campaigns for your Art Business

22 March 2022

7 Tips to Create Great Email Campaigns for your Art Business

Emails have been around since 1971 and with the growth in internet users are not only an integral part of our work communication but the number of emails sent and received shows a steady increase year on year. According to a Statistica report, there were over 319.6 billion emails sent and received globally in 2021. This is expected to increase to 4.6 billion by 2025. The average person receives approximately 120 emails a day excluding spam (Campaign Monitor). This proves two things: 

  • emailing is still the most popular form of digital communication

  • email inboxes are hugely cluttered.

While emailing is still the most effective way to communicate to your buyers, collectors, and the artworld in general, an earlier study done by Sendmail in 2014, showed that 64% of the workforce felt that emails lead to confusion, anger, and resentment between senders and receivers. How many times have you received a mail that irked you, or you felt was aggressive or a little too hard sell?

It is therefore imperative to be mindful of how your mail will be received, particularly in the artworld where building and maintaining relationships is of key importance. 

Here are 7 key tips to create high impact and engaging emails for buyers and collectors that will cut through the clutter and elevate your art business to the next level:

1. Watch that tone!