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11 Artist Interview Questions to make content generation easy

04 October 2021

11 Artist Interview Questions to make content generation easy

Content is key when it comes to broadening your reach and keeping existing audiences interested, engaged, and returning to your website.  Most art collectors and buyers are interested in reading about artists, their history, their thoughts, and what drives them. 

Blogging about your artists on a regular basis will not only drive traffic to your website but could also increase your sales. 

The length of your blog should be between 1000 and 3000 words. Readers are more likely to read shorter blogs however they are more likely to share blogs longer than 1500 words. Start with a great headline and image to draw the reader in and then ensure your content is well written - readers lose interest if there are grammatical and spelling errors.

Blogging is an easy way to keep your audience interested but keeping content pieces flowing can prove to be difficult if you don’t have a plan. If you work with artists, interviews are a great way to get interesting content you can post. You just have to ask good questions. 

Here are 11 questions you can pose to your artists in an email interview which will give you a pipeline of blog posts: 

Q 1.  Where were you born and does that affect your work?
Q 2. Does the place you live now influence your art?
Q 3. Who are you most influenced by?
Q 4. Tell us about the first artwork you remember making?
Q 5. Describe what you do?
Q 6. Why do you do it?
Q 7. How do you work?
Q 8. What does your work aim to say?
Q 9.  In your opinion do artists have a specific role in society?
Q 10.  What experience has been most important in developing the direction of your work?
Q 11.  How has your practice changed over time?

For our full list of 99 Artist interview questions, just fill in the pop-up. Here you can select a set of questions and change these as and when you need to or to give you a different angle on the artist. Happy blogging!


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