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How art inventory software fits into the ‘New’ normal.

02 August 2021

How art inventory software fits into the ‘New’ normal.

As we witnessed during the course of the last months; the traditional ways of doing business disappeared during the pandemic. The art industry saw an increased desire towards the support of art exhibitions, artist studios, theatre, music, dance, film, but struggled with not having a physical audience. The creative industry had to engage with audiences online, which before the pandemic, was not seen as necessary. Over time we are realising the benefit of both.

The digital space demands presence within your business and will enable you to experiment with digital solutions, find the right audience and broaden the horizon of your business. The digital space is not only for social content, but how social content can lead to business transactions by navigating your audience from the social platform to your site. Some prefer to navigate in reaching out without the hassle of being in your physical space. Others simply would not have ever been there to walk through your door, yet they can discover you in new ways online. This shows that digital increases where businesses can extend themselves, and it is fundamental to have space for reinventing without changing the core of the business. 

The importance of the Inventory system in Art

How do we adjust in this new normal? Especially in the creative industry…

A lot of the creative disciplines require physical presence from their audience to deliver the service. 

An art inventory system is highly important because it allows a business to start the journey of engaging with the online platform and be able to keep up with the artworks’ inventory/stock, locations, clients, as well as making sales transactions easier. 

Online art inventory systems enable you to move from traditional inventory systems to a more time saving, cost-effective way of handling the business inventory.  

Art inventory systems such as Artfundi, have a wide range of tools that help Art Galleries, Artists and Collectors. They can help with managing the art collection, keep a track record of the location of the artwork, leased and sold items. Their integrated inventory database and website, makes it easier to manage the front-end website changes without needing technical help.  

Inventory system offers a wide range of services depending on your industry needs. Artfundi offers services that are suited for the Fine Art industry. 

What kind of tools does an Art inventory system offer:

  • Detailed artwork catalogue with images and categorisation.
  • Promotional materials such as info sheets, catalogues, and price lists. 
  • Documents linking and archive.
  • Can share online private viewing to prospective clients.
  • Contacts database to keep track of past and present clients and leads.
  • Invoice generation.
  • Software to create consignment, inventory records and gallery paperwork. 
  • a self-managed website with easy to use tools.

for more info on Artfundi product packages: https://artfundi.tech/

The Digital Era is here to stay. Deciding on how your business can interact in the digital world will be beneficial. The beauty of an online platform is that your business will no longer be limited to a physical geographical location, but can reach a global audience and collaborate with businesses that are aligned with your business values. 

Always remember to have fun when learning about the online world because at the end of the day you are interacting with real people.  

Written by Zanele Mashumi


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