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How to Market Your Upcoming Exhibition in 7 Easy Steps

26 April 2022

How to Market Your Upcoming Exhibition in 7 Easy Steps

Preparing a great art exhibition involves so much planning, but often the maximum emphasis is placed on the art itself - all the finishing touches after the work is created, like photography, writing, pricing, framing, and shipping. Then there's curating and installing. 

Usually, by the time all this is done the show is about to open, and the marketing is left to a press release, a few social media posts, and an invitation sent to your mailing list/s.

Sales usually start on opening day or a day or two before, and sales-marketing stops soon after the show, focused on following up on interest shown during the exhibition. 

These days, this just isn't enough. If you want to grow your art business, read these 7 marketing steps you can apply ahead of time to maximise the success of your exhibition. 


1. Define Your Objectives

Sounds obvious right? Writing them down helps you to make sure you pay attention to each of them. Examples of objectives may be:

  • Sell art

  • Attract new buyers

  • Create great images and video content of the work in an exhibition setting

  • Launch into a new geography/community

  • Create an impression amongst specific artworld players (e.g. museum curators, fair directors, art advisors, corporate buyers, etc.) to begin a conversation and be included in their consideration set for future opportunities (this implies follow-up planning)

  • Grow your contact database/fan following

  • Get leads who may be interested in commissions


2. Create An Exhibition Hook & Content Evolution